About Us

About Us

For over 35 years, Brothers Landscaping has been providing a full range of landscaping design and lawn care services to Monmouth and Ocean counties.  We serve both commercial and residential customers and we pride ourselves on living up to our motto:

“Quality work at a fair price”

Brothers, recognized as one of the most progressive, profitable green industry businesses in New Jersey, is committed to excellence in every phase of its operation. Brothers will continue to improve its position through the application of principled, financially sound business practices.

Landscaping Design Done Right the First Time

When hiring a landscaper, the time between the initial design and its completion and delivery can seem like a lifetime. How often have you had a landscaping vision in your head that simply did not transform into reality when you arrived home from work?

The most difficult part of a landscaping project often can be a simple conveyance of a design idea to your contractor. This doesn't have to fall into that communication "grey" area any longer. Today's high-end landscape professionals can not only present your vision to you before the job is even started but will offer you suggestions, recommendations, and alternative options for your vision, taking into account budget, product availability, and practical use of the landscaping.

When you see the completed project there ARE NO SURPRISES! A reputable landscape contractor through design imaging can bring your vision to life and make sure that what you want…what you get. Such contractors can match the quality and design of the landscape project to your home's architecture, creating an aesthetically pleasing uniform appeal. 

The professional expertise of today's residential landscaping contractors allows homeowners the confidence and creativity to take their homes' visual appeal to new levels. If a landscape project is in your future, consider Brothers Landscaping. At Brothers, they pride themselves on state-of-the-art landscape and design and utilize the web to interact with their clients by letting them see the designs first before the work is started. If you require the services of a landscape design-build contractor with over 35 years of experience please call 732-780-8843email or click here to schedule a free consultation.